Sodium Bicarbonate Technical

Sodium Bicarbonate Technical

Chemical formula: Na2CO3

                                             | |
Structural formula: Na -- O -- C -- O -- Na
Common names: Baking Soda, Sodium hydrogen Carbonate, Sodium acid carbonate
Specification: T.C. Specification
CAS registry number: 144-55-8

Sodium Bicarbonate is obtained as an intermediate during the production of synthetic Soda Ash using the ammonia-soda process, popularly known as the Solvay process. Calcium carbonate (limestone) on heating releases carbon dioxide, which is passed into an ammoniated salt solution producing a sodium bicarbonate precipitate.

Physical and chemical properties

Sodium Bicarbonate Technical Grade is in the form of white to light brown minutely crystalline power, free from visible contamination and other extraneous impurities. It is liable to lumping if exposed to dampness or subjected to too high a pressure. It begins to decompose slowly at 500C, releasing carbon dioxide gas.

Characteristics Units TCL-assured
Molecular weight 84
Total alkalinity (as NaHCO3 ) %, min 99.20
pH max 8.8
Chlorides (as Cl) %, max 0.06
Matter insoluble in water %, max 0.10
Sulohates (as SO4) %, max 0.07
Iron (as Fe) %, max

%, max 0.004
Heavy metals (as Pb) ppm, max 5
Arsenic (as As) ppm, max 1.5
Copper (as Cu) ppm, max 30

Applications: (not for edible or medicinal use)

Sodium bicarbonate technical grade is used in the manufacture of detergents and other products where edible or medicinal use is not intended. It is also used in gold and platinum plating, tanning industry, treating wool and silk, fire extinguishers and ceramics.


Available in 50 kg HDPE/PP bags with lamination/liner.


Sodium bicarbonate should be stored in a cool, dry place and far away from any source of heat. The bags should not be stacked more than 15 high. The storing place should be free of objectionable odours, as the product is extremely likely to pick up odours.