About Us

Guljag Industries is one of the leading chemical companies in India having multi activity of trading, transport and manufacturing of various chemicals & industrial gases.


As a pioneer, leader & innovator, Guljag Industries has had an illustrious past in trading of industrial chemicals in Rajasthan, a state in northern India representing India’s leading & largest chemical manufacturers, Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Limited & Tata Chemicals Limited etc. The company is also into the business of import & export various products, transportation of solid & liquid products.

Guljag is committed to bettering its already- impressive quality norms and systems. To continue to be identified and recognized as a dynamic, modern, and eco-friendly chemical company with enduring ethics and values. To manage our business responsibly and sensitively, in order to address the needs of our customers and stakeholders.

To strive for continuous improvement in performance, measuring results precisely and ensuring Guljag growth and profitability through innovations.

Our Mission is to maintain and strengthen our position as the leading chemicals manufacturer of India, competitively diversifying our business to satisfy customer's needs. In pursuit of this Mission, Guljag Industries Limited aims :

  • To maintain economies of scale.
  • To provide challenging opportunities and a safe working environment for its employees.
  • To invest in new projects which will improve long-term competitiveness.
  • To explore the market for products specifically designed for the requirements of customers.
  • To build a corporate-level competitive advantage of diversification

Guljag Loyalty is a strong believer in the saying "The success of a company depends on its workplace". Dedication and sincerity come only with the feeling that the company cares for you.

Keeping this in view, Guljag takes utmost care of its employees enabling them to perform better with each passing day. Different Heads for loyalty in Guljag are as under:


Guljag is giving opportunities to the talent whether in Rajasthan or across India by way of employment & business opportunities by way of outsourcing some of its services. Thereby nourishing 2500 family’s lives directly or indirectly.